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The goal of the SBGames 2017 - Computing Track is to advance knowledge related to Computing for Games and Digital Entertainment, by bringing together researchers and fostering discussion about the state of the art in the field.

Call for participation

We invite contributions on all aspects of Computing for Games and Digital Entertainment. Submissions can be of two types:

  • FULL PAPERS, about results from novel research (written in ENGLISH, from 7 up to 10 pages long) or;
  • SHORT PAPERS, describing work in progress (written in PORTUGUESE or ENGLISH, up to 4 pages long).

The SBgames submission is a two-steps process: Abstract first and, the Complete paper (either FULL or SHORT) a few days later. Abstracts should include goals, methods, results and conclusions and, limited from 100 to 250 words. Complete papers must abide to page limits.

All contributions must be original, unpublished work. Papers should be submitted electronically through JEMS system (

The authors of best papers will be awarded certificates and presented in a special session.


Accepted papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings IF - at least one author register, attend and present the work at the symposium, and; - authors sign up a Copyright Transfer form.

Reviewing Process

Both abstract and complete submissions will be subjected to a double blind review, which means that both the reviewers´ and authors´ identities must be concealed from each other’s throughout the review process. Thus, authors MUST omit information that would allow their identification (names, affiliations, explicit self-references, project names, acknowledgment, etc).

Detailed instructions regarding formatting and templates can be found at the submissions section of this site or in a red box on this page.

Any work that has previously been published or has been simultaneously submitted in a similar form to any other conference or journal will be rejected. Papers submitted to more than one track of the Symposium will be automatically rejected. Papers that do not fit into page limits for each type of submission will be automatically rejected. Papers that do not abide to the formatting will be automatically rejected.

Potential topics include (but are not limited to)

  • Accessibility
  • Affective Computing
  • Architectures and Design Patterns
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud Gaming, Gaming as a Service
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computational Visualization
  • Convergence of Areas in Game Development
  • Crowd Simulation
  • Dedicated Hardware
  • Deformable Models
  • Development Process and Tools
  • Emotional Agents
  • Facial Expression
  • Game Audio Techniques
  • Game Engines
  • Game Authoring Tools
  • Game-based applications and Serious Games
  • Human-Computer Interfaces and Interaction
  • Massive Multiplayer Games
  • Mobile Computing
  • Models and Infrastructure for Networked Games
  • Parallel Processing
  • Pervasive and Crossmedia Games
  • Physical Modeling
  • Procedural Modeling
  • Programming Languages and Techniques
  • Realistic Physics, Physics Engines
  • Rendering
  • Sensors and Interface Hardware
  • Storytelling
  • Visibility Culling

Papers addressing game design, specific-style games, sound topics and digital art should be submitted to the SBGames´ Arts & Design Track. Papers related to any cultural and social aspect of digital games should be submitted to the SBGames´ Culture Track. Papers addressing management, business, organizational, operational, public policy, economic and geographic aspects of the industry should be submitted to the SBGames´ Industry Track. In case of doubt about which track to submit, please contact Program Committee Chairs.

Important dates

  • Deadline for ABSTRACT submissions: 23th July 2017
  • Deadline for COMPLETE submissions (either FULL or SHORT): 7th August 2017
  • Notification for accepted papers: 4th September 2017
  • Deadline for camera-ready: 18th September 2017
  • Deadline for authors´ registration: 2nd October 2017

Computing Track Coordination

Prof. PhD. Marcelo da Silva Hounsell (UDESC)

Prof. Msc. Vinícius Godoy (PUCPR)

Important dates

23/07/17 - Deadline for Abstract Submissions

07/08/17 - Deadline for Complete Paper Submissions

04/09/17 - Acceptance Notification

18/09/17 - Deadline for Camera-Ready and Copyright Submissions

02/10/17 - Deadline for Author´s Registration

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